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Hướng dẫn Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 7: Reading (Phần 1) – Học Hay

Part 5

Directions:  A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B}, (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

  1. Mr. Guo ——- with an electrician yesterday about the rewiring project.

(A) consults

(B) is consulting

(C) to consult

(D) consulted

  1. Ms. Lan Le will complete ——- internship at the George Cake Shop next week.

(A) she

(B) her

(C) hers

(D) herself

  1. Every Thursday the Lifelong Reading Club meets to ——- novels written by local authors.

(A) create

(B) discuss

(C) perform

(D) dictate

  1. Skymills Insurance ——- grew from a small business to a midsize company with 350 employees.

(A) quick

(B) quickly

(C) quicker

(D) quickest

  1. Local shop owners are invited to the ——- of Clyde Bank’s downtown branch.

(A) open

(B) opened

(C) opening

(D) openly

  1. All e-mail messages regarding legal issues  should be ——- in a separate folder.

(A) stored

(B) escaped

(C) served

(D) determined

  1. Hiring an ——- for Ms. Tsai must be our top meets to ——- novels written by local priority, as her workload has increased.

(A) assist

(B) assistant

(C) assisted

(D) assistance

  1. The ——- Ladoff Building was constructed in 1923 and stood two stories tall.

(A) origin

(B) originated

(C) originally

(D) original

  1. If you have questions about your most ——- credit card statement, call Mr. Hassan.

(A) central

(B} consecutive

(C) actual

(D) recent

  1. The Rinzlite dishwasher was ranked higher  ——- all other dishwashers In its class.

(A) to

(B) past

(C) than

(D) by

  1. So far, the Grantley store ——- 20 percent more mobile phones than it did last year.

(A) will sell

(B) was sold

(C) has sold

(D) are selling

  1. In the event of a power failure, unplug computers until power is ——- restored.

(A) fully

(B) fullness

(C) fullest

(D) full

  1. Although Mr. Akiyama retired last year, he ——- visits the office each week.

(A) next

(B) yet

(C) still

(D) finally

  1. At the panel discussion, Ms. Yang made a ——- argument for environmentally responsible business practices.

(A) convince

(B) convincing

(C) convinced

(D) convincingly

  1. The Hokedo Orchestra will hold —— for new string musicians next Tuesday.

(A) attention

(B) investigations

(C) motivation

(D) auditions

  1. Although the team members were not available after the game, the coach was happy to be interviewed.

(A) themselves

(B) they

(C) theirs

(D) them

  1. Ms. Schwimmer’s application was not ——- reviewed until November 5.

(A) relatively

(B) occasionally

(C) completely

(D) enormously

  1. Managers are encouraged to give their staff ——  feedback during the annual performance-review meetings.

(A) construction

(B) constructively

(C) constructive

(D) constructing

  1. Deckermark Enterprises offers employees flexible scheduling and telecommuting ——–

(A) statements

(B) exchanges

(C) precautions

(D) options

  1. Ms. Summer can estimate the cost for the land-clearing project in Fosterville, —— before the details are finalized.

(A) even

(B) some

(C) such

(D) else

  1. The company’s transition from paper paychecks to electronic paychecks was —— smooth.

(A) impressive

(B) impression

(C) impressively

(D) impress

  1. All temporary workers should contact Ms. Fierro to ——- an identification badge.

(A) combine

(B) obtain

(C) gather

(D) approach

  1. We will pay your insurance claim ——- we receive the official damage report.

(A) once

(B) since

(C) like

(D) except

  1. Neither of the ——- in the debate was willing to take a stand on the riverfront development controversy.

(A) politicians

(B) politicize

(C) political

(D) politically

  1. ——- the additional funding, Central City Medical School expects to double the size of its research team.

(A) Over

(B) On

(C) At

(D) With

  1. The clients have indicated that a reception area of 60 square meters will be ——- in the new building.

(A) sufficient

(B) flexible

(C) capable

(D) calculating

  1. Ms. Lau would like to know ——- Mr. Cole called the main office yesterday.

(A) whatever

(B) while

(C) why

(D) who

  1. Koffler Law hired more paralegals ——- meet its commitment to clients.

(A) consequently

(B) in order to

(C) in any case

(D) additionally

  1. The newest edition of the Biltmire Road Atlas has plastic-coated pages for extra ——–

(A) familiarity

(B) persistence

(C) durability

(D) replacement

  1. Job seekers should prepare a list of professional references ——- applying for positions.

(A) prior to

(B) outside of

(C) in front of

(D) according to

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