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Hướng dẫn Luyện thi ETS TOEIC – Test 3: Listening – HocHay

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A). (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


  1. What does the company most likely produce?

(A) Print advertisements

(B) Television shows

(C) Computer parts

(D) Musical instruments

  1. What department will the man work in?

(A) Accounting

(B) Legal

(C) Human resources

(D) Security

  1. What does the man like about his work area?

(A) It is conveniently located.

(B) It has a good view.

(C) It is quiet.

(D) It is nicely decorated.


  1. What is the conversation mainly about?

(A) A room reservation

(B) A canceled event

(C) A restaurant recommendation

(D) A misplaced item

  1. What does the man need to provide?

(A) A security deposit

(B) A revised schedule

(C) A form of identification

(D) A business address

  1. What do the visitors ask for?

(A) A refund

(B) Better lighting

(C) Menu options

(D) More chairs


  1. Where does the conversation most likely take place?

(A) At a shopping mall

(B) At a theater

(C) In a sports stadium

(D) On a train

  1. Why does the woman say, “The football championship is this afternoon”?

(A) To extend an invitation

(B) To offer encouragement

(C) To give an explanation

(D) To request a schedule change

  1. What does the man say he needs to purchase?

(A) Tickets

(B) Clothes

(C) Food

(D) Furniture


  1. What problem does the man mention?

(A) Some products are damaged.

(B) Some equipment is out of stock.

(C) A vehicle has broken down.

(D) A delivery error has occurred.

  1. What does the woman say is planned for Friday?

(A) A product launch

(B) An inspection

(C) A cooking class

(D) An interview

  1. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Transfer a call

(B) Issue a refund

(C) Provide a warranty

(D) Visit a business


  1. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a law office

(B) At a supermarket

(C) At a medical clinic

(D) At a recreation center

  1. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

(A) A marketing campaign

(B) A new product

(C) Some budget cuts

(D) Some survey results

  1. What does the woman imply when she says, “That would require significant revisions to our scheduling process”?

(A) She doubts a change will be implemented.

(B) She thinks more staff should be hired.

(C) She needs more time to make a decision.

(D) She believes some data is incorrect.


  1. Why did the woman miss a meeting?

(A) She was not feeling well.

(B ) She was on a business trip.

(C) She was speaking with a client.

(D) She did not receive the invitation.

  1. What is the woman confused about?

(A) The details of an assignment

(B) A reimbursement process

(C ) The terms of a contract

(D) A travel itinerary

  1. According to the man, what should the woman do?

(A) Reset the password for her computer

(B) Talk to the organizer of the meeting

(C) Consult the electronic version of a document

(D) Research the history of an account


  1. What is the woman an expert in?

(A) Gardening

(B ) Nutrition

(C) Appliance repair

(D) Fitness training

  1. What does the woman recommend?

(A) Substituting ingredients

(B) Using appropriate tools

(C) Changing an exercise routine

(D) Scheduling regular maintenance

  1. According to the woman, where can listeners find more information?

(A) On a television show

(B) On a Web site

(C) In a magazine

(D) In a book


  1. What does the woman say about the man’s job performance?

(A) He is respected by his colleagues.

(B) He always meets his deadlines.

(C) He has good ideas for new projects.

(D) He has increased company profits.

  1. What does the woman ask the man to do?

(A) Attend a trade show

(B) Join a leadership council

(C) Mentor a colleague

(D) Accept a new position

  1. When will the speakers meet again?

(A) Tomorrow

(B) Next week

(C )Next month

(D )Next quarter


  1. What does the man ask the women about?

(A) The types of projects assigned

(B) The backgrounds of the applicants

(C) The status of training materials

(D) The location of an orientation

  1. What does the man say about last year’s internship program?

(A) Some new products were developed.

(B) Some information was unclear.

(C) There were not enough supplies.

(D) There were a large number of applicants.

  1. What does the man say he is pleased about?

(A) The summer schedule

(B) The careful planning

(C) The deadline extension

(D) The approval process


  1. What type of business does the women work for?

(A) A moving company

(B) A real estate agency

(C) An insurance firm

(D) An equipment rental service

  1. What is the woman concerned about?

(A) Shipping delays

(B) New regulations

(C) An increase in competition

(D) A shortage of staff

  1. What does the woman emphasize about her company?

(A) The affordable prices

(B) The number of branch offices

(C) The user-friendly Web site

(D) The customer service


Catering Company


Cafe Delight


Corner Deli


Golden Eagle


Star Restaurant



  1. What type of event are the speakers discussing?

(A) A shareholders’ meeting

(B) A press conference

(C) A job fair

(D) A product demonstration

  1. What problem did the woman experience with one of the restaurants?

(A) An unhelpful staff member

(B) A poorly cooked meat

(C) A billing error

(D) A delivery delay

  1. Look at the graphic. How much will the lunch most likely cost?

(A) $1.250

(B) $1,400

(C) $950

(D) $850



Museum Map


Floor 1                                  Floor 3

Photography                      Paintings


Floor 2                                  Floor 4

Sculpture                         Architecture



  1. Look at the graphic. On which floor will the man meet his friends?

(A) Floor1

(B) Floor 2

(C) Floor 3

(D) Floor4

  1. What will happen at the museum this summer?

(A) A workshop will be offered.

(B) A special exhibit will open.

(C) Concerts will be held in the garden.

(D) Some galleries will be renovated.

  1. Why does the woman suggest using the stairs at the back of the museum?

(A) They are nearby.

(B) They offer a good view.

(C) They were recently added.

(D) They are not crowded.


  1. What does the woman want to do?

(A) Make travel arrangements

(B) Revise a budget

(C) Change recruiting tactics

(D) Give a lecture

  1. Look at the graphic. Which method does the man suggest using?

(A) University career fairs

(B) Advertising

(C) Employee referrals

(D) Company Web site

  1. What does the woman suggest the man do?

(A) Design a questionnaire

(B) Renew a contract

(C) Work with a colleague

(D) Interview a job candidate

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